Sporting the new season

In the new fashion season spring and summer 2013, men are welcome to show athletic. Permeability is the key, coupled with quality-consciousness and a hint lifestyle in the style of golf and Co. The classic polo shirt is just as fashionable as sweat jackets and chic for short or long pants. In addition, for those cooler days are quilted vest and a light vest fashionable for him an absolute must.

Short coats with hidden zipper and button closure

To mate with elegance and a touch of Italian lifestyle sports transmission, is the fashion philosophy of the cult label Moncler. In the fashion season in 2013 men with style, welcome the spring with high quality quilted jackets in trendy colours such as red, orange or navy. Ever sporty jackets are in light summery designs trendsetter of the season and can be worn well with jeans and other lightweight men’s pants for spring and summer.

Refined details are very trendy and make a classic sports jacket a visually attractive eye-catcher. Light coats with hidden zipper and additional button placket look stylish and provide with casual understatement for that certain something. Memories of the classic trench coat come on when in the spring and summer 2013 fashion season light coats are fashionable with shoulder straps for men.

Stylish jewellery – Fine Men’s Watches and Bracelets

With stylish jewellery round men from their look, but should fit the occasion. In the leisure sector, studded bracelets are in vogue. For business and special events, such as theatre visits, noble watches are. If you like, helps a tie pin. Watches are available in various designs, for example sporty model in vibrant colour for the leisure market. However, it pays to pay attention to the quality of the watch purchase. Swiss watches can boast of a high quality finish. In addition, you could buy them online.

Buy jewellery online

In order to satisfy online shopping, reputable shops have an imprint and offer several payment options and good shipping conditions. Tip, a price comparison helps saving. Scans your partner for ideas for Christmas, but you can give jewellery or accessories.

Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2019 for Men

Fashion Trends Spring – Easy care synthetic and sweat fabrics in cotton.

The material make it particularly lightweight and durable materials are the leaders this season with the latest men’s fashion. Trend brands rely on a mix of easy-care nylon and polyethane that turns summer Mr. Coats and men’s jackets practical travel clothing for the trunk. In addition to easy-care, materials set the current men’s fashion this season, Sweat substances from super lightweight high quality cotton. In addition to the classic sweatshirt and sweat jacket also sports casual long pants Sweat fabric currently announced next summer sweat shorts.

Classy gravy and strong colours in the mix

Covered time, sometimes intense and expressive, as is reflected in men’s fashion for spring and summer 2013, the current colour palette. The big hit with the trendy colours is still noble gravy, the aesthetically balanced with strong colours like bright yellow and orange, shades of blue or green can be combined in different gradations. The sporty lightweight summer jacket looks particularly stylish in trendy hazelnut.

Style Advice: jewellery and accessories for men

While many women accessories and jewellery pieces are available for every occasion, the search is more difficult for matching accessories for men. It is true in women as the guiding principle “less is more”, but the jewellery both the occasion and the fashion should fit. Here you will find ideas that are suitable accessories for men in business and leisure.

Comeback of bags and backpacks

Bags most people associate as typically feminine accessory, because the handbag is known as a must-have when it comes to accessories. However, the picture changed with the latest fashion trends for men. Presented as models on the catwalks in 2009 called it-bags. This is available as a file-handle and pockets where everything takes place, what man needs. For 2011 and 2012, these were pocket trends a step further.

Backpacks are also celebrating their comeback in the business sector, while abdominal pockets prove useful helper in leisure. These men should pay attention to the colour and design of the bags. Colour should match your clothing; this is especially recommended in the business.

The advantage of some models of the Handle Bags and backpacks have a built-in compartment for the laptop.